Recently Completed BGP Study on "Peerlock" Defensive Filtering


My colleagues and I at the University of Tennessee recently completed a study on the “Peerlock” route leak protection system ( and related defensive filtering techniques. Specifically, we probed for evidence of these systems on the control plane and attempted to locate filtering sites. Additionally, we evaluated the system’s effectiveness in simulation.

The pre-print of this paper is available at: While this work was previously mentioned here by Job Snijders, we want to make an additional push for comments from network operators. Our experimental design and findings in Section 3 may be of some interest.

Most importantly, if any of the Tier 1 networks could confirm or challenge our findings with respect to their filter placement, that would be enormously helpful! We realize that this information is often secret/under NDA, but providing some element of ground truth would assist us in correctly evaluating our work.

Thank you!

Tyler McDaniel

Graduate Research Assistant/PhD Candidate

Computer Security Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Tennessee, Knoxville