Really OT: Re: Time for a real Internet highway (?)

> The internet is global and without boundries. The US
> highway system is domestic with boundries.

the history of the interstate bill is quite interesting.
among other things, it killed the trains, contributed to
the degredation of the inner cities, ... and guess which
industries lobbied it through.

and why does oahu have interstate highways, anyway?

All 56 miles of it, you mean? Be careful on that H-1, it's
over 27 miles long. Might run outta gas... :wink:

It's in the "Hawaii Omnibus Act of 1960...right between
Opium Poppy Control Act and shortly before a passage headed
Purchases of Typewriters" Ever
wonder why it's called the "National System of Interstate
and *Defense* Highways"? Rhetorical question...

Following NANOG methodology of late, we could make an
analogy to a MAN here. Cars are packets, malformed data
inside many packets >:-( MAJOR congestion at peak loads,
no timing on the line, etc.