Really bad backhoe (off topic)

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Gregory Urban said:

The bridge collapsed onto the road, killing 1 person and
sending 3 others to the hospital in critical condition.

Further, the bridge may not be removed by AM rush hour.....

That while we are in a record-busting heatwave and a looming water

But at least unlike last week's wreck of a truck carrying a ton or
so of blackpowder that blocked I95 @ Disfunction Junction outside
DC; the closed section of the B'more Beltway *has* 3 alternatives.

NANOG issue: major transportation disasters like these put
sharply larger loads on the telco infrastructure, as we experienced
in a blizzard a while back. Will your "he can log in from home" plan
work? Are you able to cope w/a sudden new peak in dialin demand?