Real-world MPLS P/LSR experience on BCM T3 (X5/X7) vs T2+

Hey all,

In the role of an MPLS P/LSR, I’m curious if there have been any gotchas (or fixes) revealed with BCM T3 vs. T2+. I remember reading somewhere some years ago that there were oddities on the T2+ that I’d like to believe have been addressed on T3, but does anyone have any real-world experience with T3 in an MPLS core? (IS-IS, LDP, rLFA, 2-3 labels wide, likely SR/Seamless/BGP-LU/whatever down the road)

I’m sure J, C, A, etc. all have their own challenges wrapping their code around the APIs, so would be curious to hear anything anyone has to share along those lines as well.

Thanks in advance.