real-time traffic engineering/management solutions

I'm having a look at real-time traffic engineering/management solutions that include visibility/analysis/control and offer the following basic characteristics:

1) take into account

  * links utilization/threshold/deviation
  * link price
  * packet delay/loss
  * physical/logical topology

2) and offer real-time automatic ingress/egress traffic adjustment using

  * netconf & bgp to change localpref/med/aspath/community attributes (mandatory)
  * SDN/Openflow/I2RS/PCEP technologies (optional)

3) considering only IP traffic (MPLS can be optional), especially on external links used for peering and transit by tier-1/2 providers.

Do you have any personal experience regarding the above features?

From my personal search Cisco offers Quantum/WAE (inc MATE) which seem very limited in real-time functionality and Huawei offers RR+ which seems interesting but unknown to many people (and maybe not compatible with all vendor routers).

Any other idea or commercial option? Offline answers would be good too.

Hi Tassos,
My name is Pawel and I represent Border 6. We develop a traffic engineering platform for real-time route optimization and reporting on top of BGP. Our main use case is optimizing transits and IX connectivity.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly for more details, or provide me your phone number - I'll be happy to call you at your convenience.

Pawel Rybczyk
office: +48 22 242 89 51 ext. 103
mobile: +48 664 300 375

I haven't used it and have no experiance with it, I've simply "seen it
around" - Noction may be what you're looking for:


I'll wholeheartedly endorse Noction's IRP. It works really well, and
Noction is very quick to respond to both bugs and feature requests.


Two 'established' options are,

0. Noction IRP (As mentioned)
1. Internap FCP

Everyone appears to either be using one of these, or have gone full custom.

I believe ThousandEyes would be
another example.