real _their own_ dark fiber into 401


If anyone knows of companies that have their own[1], real[2] dark fiber
going into 401 North Broad in Philadephia, I would grealy appreciate hearing
about it.

Sales people from transport companies are welcome to do the same
as long as they know the meaning [1] and [2] or can provide the path


[1] Fiber that the company physically owns, not leases from another source,
which happen to lease it from another source in exchange for some other
fiber somewhere else where all the fiber in reality travels the same 4" pipe
for 90% of the way.

[2] Real fiber (as opposite to 'marketing' fiber) is the fiber that actually
exists at the present time outside of the pretty fiber maps that the
company's are touting, not the fiber that may or may not exist and may or
may not be there in 90 days depending on the amount of money that the
customer is willing to pay, or bankruptcy of the fiber provider.