Real Media and M-Bone feeds

Sam Thomas wrote a while back:
< would be nice if it came in a flavor that those of us who haven't
< been blessed with multicast can watch on our yoonix boxes. <pout>

RealPlayer is available for a variety of Unix OSes...Linux,
Solaris, IRIX and even SCO...Unless you have something against RealPlayer,
I would think it's your best bet without an MBONE stream...


The Linux version does not work with recent versions of
the OS.

  - jared

Anything against RealPlayer? Not really. Anything against the makers, who
have been unrepentent spammers? You bet.

Patrick Greenwell
                 "This is our time. It will not come again."

In article <>,

  The Linux version does not work with recent versions of
the OS.

Your favorite distribution should have patched around this coding
error using a library preload, since Real doesn't seem to care
enough.Fixes have been widely distributed for over a year.

You could also use the G2 player. Real has made it hard to find, but
it's helpfully packaged as an RPM, and Debian's development tree also
has an installer package.

Problem I'm having is that most recent version of the client that runs
$NIX doesn't like the stream from NANOG which is likely in the most recent
(g2) format. recently switched, leaving me without the ability
to listen to beloved radio talk shows that are otherwise not available to
me. :frowning:

oooooo, thanks!!!! runs beautifully under FreeBSD, too! :slight_smile:

Wow! It's been awhile since they actually released something
other than 5.0!

  I'd given up and was gonna wait for M$ to do something.


  - Jared

Blast, all it does is segfault on my systems . Man I hate
  being somebody elses beta tester . But that's what I get
  for free . twys, JimL