Real audio broadcast

RealVideo is working now. Could someone please move/zoom the camera so that
RealVideo users can read the overhead screen (and see the speaker). With
the current camera position there is no advantage to the RealVideo vs.
RealAudio stream.

Dax Kelson
Internet Connect, Inc.

We asked them to move it, so hopefully they did.

Joe Shaw -
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services

Since the sessions continue to drop from the Rv reflector, and is the bottleneck (lost 2/3 of the
traceroutes with a 500ms time) from a Digex customer here, next time I call
for Rv reflectors for on the major ISP backbones.

I also agree with Dax. Move the camera. NANOG pushing 45Kbps of a white
splotch into the 'Net is kind of ironic, isn't it.



I just spoke to the real audio guys. They will zoom in during the next
break. In general it's difficult to get quality pictures since the lighting
situation is suboptimal.

Its a lot better, but the small text is still a bit illegible, still its
mostly readable - thanks.

Hmmm. As I'm typing this, I've lost it all together :frowning: