Real and Multicast broadcast information.

For information on the Real broadcast see:


Nanog 31 will be multicast live from San Fransisco. We're changing the
stream for this meeting, in that it will be an ISMA MPEG-4 standard
multicast stream using the AAC audio codec at 250Kb/s. The stream should
be of similar visual quality to the 1Mb/s MPEG-1 stream! Recommended free
clients are Quicktime for Windows or Macintosh and MPlayer on Linux or
*BSD. The VideoLAN client is able to play back the video on all platforms
but the AAC audio properly on only a few of them.

The multicast sources are:

MPEG-4 (ISMA MPEG-4 250kb/s)

    * Video IP Address:
    * Video UDP Port: 51314
    * Audio IP Address:
    * Audio UDP Port: 28256

Please send feedback or questions about the multicast session to ,