Reaching out to ARIN members about their RPKI INVALID prefixes


You are correct in that RPKI leaves many problems unsolved.

One that it does solve is prefix splitting.
If I issue a ROA for prefix, any announcement of (including mine) will be declared INVALID, because that announcement is covered by the ROA and the mask length is longer than maxlen.

Of course, as you rightly point out, if I do NOT announce that prefix myself, then anyone is free to announce it anywhere and have it declared VALID just by prepending my ASN.


Seems to me that another logical way to work on cleaning-up invalids
would be for those that want to perform validation to contact their
direct peers with invalids, though even those contacts can become stale
there will be some that are still valid and usually involve those
intimately interested in routing (peering) problems they might otherwise
cause and with the ability to get them fixed.