RE: xDSL hardware

Charles Sprickman wrote:
I found an ADSL card (WIC-1ADSL), but Covad is unable
to tell us if this works with their dslams or not.

I doubt it would, as the WIC-1ADSL does only ADSL, not SDSL and all the
Covad I have seen so far is SDSL. However, there is a Single Port
G.shdsl WAN Interface Card (WIC-1SHDSL-V2), the question is does Covad
use G.SHDSL or old-style proprietary SDSL.

There are some low-end Cisco routers such as the 828 that do G.SHDSL as
well. I don't get why you need to be aware of the link status though, as
the SDSL is your backup not your primary. If the SDSL was the primary
and the backup was dial-on-demand ISDN I would understand, but not with
a T1.


COVAD does ADSL as well as SDSL, ISDL, and "reach" products