RE: wow, lots of akamai

What happened is that it would create a kind of internal DDoS and they would all timed out and give a weird error message. Something very useful like Error Code 0x8098808 Please call our support line at this phone number.

If only there was a way to address the Thundering Herd problem before the cloud. :slight_smile:

This simple change to add 3 lines of code to add a random artificial boot penalty of few seconds, completely solve the problem.

Bingo. Now, the trick is to catch this before it causes an self-DDoS.

This is a problem that has been recognised for decades and this is unfortunately a good example of how operational experience is still not being distributed properly. Too many managers think that operational work is obvious and just a result of common sense. It isn't.



Same problem as disk drives powering up simultaneously
in datacenters. SCSI drives have (had?) a random delay
mechanism to distribute the initial power surge over a few