RE: World Trade Center attack

From: Miles Fidelman[]
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:19 AM

  >Has anybody been hearing news from out of the US about increased
  >alerts and such?

All Military bases/installations are on Code Charlie. No one in without
Positive ID Check.

As well some reserves have been placed on Active.


my wife is a civiilian employee of Army Research, and works at the
Watervliet Arsenel. all civilians were sent home, not to return to work
until further notice. as she left, she noticed that they were busy turning
up all the security precautions, including new jersey barrier at all the
gates to slow down/stop ground vehicle based attacks.

i would imagine that they've issued M-16s to the civilian guards, and
issued M-16 ammunition to the MPs (it seems it's a bad idea to give the
civilian guards ammunition w/o adult supervision, but that's another story.)


Not to be pedantic, but I'm assuming you mean the NATO 5.56MM round, which
is also used in many other rifles around the world.

I know several non-active servicemen who've just been activated. One is
headed to Manhattan (I believe he's a doctor), and I'm not sure about the