RE: World Trade Center attack

I would if they were killed in front of my face when I was watching. It's
nice to know you care, though.

Palestine? They just claimed responsibility!

I would if they were killed in front of my face when I was watching. It's
nice to know you care, though.

What's palestine ?


Where did you hear that? I've seen it quoted informally by a couple of
folks, but haven't seen it from any 'reliable' news source.


They claimed credit on Palestinian TV.

John Fraizer wrote:

Palestine? They just claimed responsibility!

Lets be careful with giving credibility to such claims.

Apologies for the top reply,

...which has since been denied by

And apparently both towers have collapsed now.

The last tower just collapsed.


let me see BBC,CNN, ITN, MSNBC, AP, TheAge (Australia), The London's that for trusted news. Turn on the radio/TV you won;t miss it

(most of which are handling the resulting traffic poorly...

Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr wrote:

We can confirm this first hand. I walk out of my building, and
the skyline is distinctly different. Two bid buildings are
missing. Reports of charred dead bodies in the streets.

              - Tom

No, no - the Palestinian thing. It's quite clear that there's a hell of
a mess going on, otherwise.


Seen supposed claims on (a sites that actually up and part of AP), but everyone and his brother will be putting their hand up for this one.

Guess this will take a while for the actual group to be positively identified.

Whoever they are I will not pass comment for it's not my place to judge.

Oh, current rumour mill says there where warnings four days ago, which were prompt ignored as I guess they get loads of these...

Some funny guy called in to a major US TV station claiming the PLL had
done the attacks - which was denied a few minutes later by a real PLL

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Apologies for the top reply,

And now a denial:


One more on the top:

anyone confirm that something happened at camp david?


According to the Jerusalem Post's web site, somebody called the BBC and a
Abu Dhabi TV claiming credit by the PFLP - but that direct PFLP sources
were denying any involvement.

This report has been disputed.


I expect not. Whoever did this has made a LOT of very dangerous enemies.

Personally, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Somebody just expended
a lot of resources to paralyze a lot of the world's decision making
infrastructure - I'm more than a little worried that somebody is about to
make a major military move while everyone's attention is on NY and DC.

Has anybody been hearing news from out of the US about increased military
alerts and such?