RE: WMF patch

Ilfak's server was overwhelmed -- the temporary 'path' is
not being hosted by CastleCops:

- ferg

not true

since we're educating folk who don't read all the standard security lists
and blogs, ...

from sans some hours ago

    lfak's site is back, reduced to the bare minimum as it had very
    high load. If you still can't reach it's possible that there is
    some caching between you/your ISP/Ilfak's site.

    Thanks to Alexander H for pointing out that, due to changes on
    Ilfak's site, URLs from old diary entries don't work
    anymore. You can go to the main web page, to access Ilfak's files.

    Just one more update - if you can't access the site, the main
    reason is that your DNS server(s) still don't have the updated
    (new) DNS entries. Ilfak changed IP address of his site so it
    will take a while for this to propagate. The new IP address is, and you can reach the site by going to


Just explain to your users the difference between clicking on links on the
site and other "fix your PC links" on the page which are advertisments and
may or may not be as reputable depending on who buys the links tomorrow.