RE: Whoa; the 3 network?

Well, GE is the largest corporation in the world. The total employees
in all seven divisions and their components is just over 1.7 million.
That is a lot. Add in all the IP devices in NBC's network alone and
you've got a huge number of justifiable space right there. Further,
they, uh sorry, we, :slight_smile: are renumbering all acquired companies into the range and returning the historic class B's (i.e. Ameridata,
Bodan, etc.).

Vincent J. Bono
Comstor Corporation
A GE Capital Service Company

Um, I'm sorry, Vinny; there's factual information in this posting.

Obviously, you meant to send it somewhere else besides NANOG.

-- jr 'closed captioned for the irony impaired' a

All acquired companies. Does that include the /18 of MAI Network
Services since that was acquired by GE as well?