Re: West Coast Peering / Packet Loss issues between AS7018 (AT&T) and AS6461

To those interested ,
This is an ongoing issue for my users .
AT&T and Zayo have not responded to my requests .


From June 4 , 2024 ,
Packet loss continues and has been going on between AT&T and Zayo/ABOVENET all day .

According to DNS packet loss appears to be on a lag in SJC7 . ( Evocative San Jose Data Center ? )
According to all traceroutes the IPs on each side of the packet loss are AT&T and ZAYO .

When the traceroute confirms the IPs above are in the path ; packet loss to or from any endpoint is greater than 15% .

So far I tried reaching out to technical support with both providers via public and standard channels .

I’m asking for help passing this information along to AT&T or Zayo hoping the community can provide some assistance to deliver this message because their technical support can not .
Please forward this information along if you really do know the right person to ask don’t just spam them with messages .
Don’t assume someone else will look at this and forward it to the correct person .