RE: [WAY OT]: concern over public peering points [WAS: Peering po int speed publicly available?]

I use to work for a growing .com before it went down. One project was to move the company from 5 or 6 suites in an executive campus to a newly built building about 10 miles down the road. Our IT team oversaw the construction of the datacenter from soup to nuts. We went through the whole drill over test patch panels and drops and made sure everthing worked. The only thing we didnt have to do (until the day we moved the servers over) was to look under the newly constructed raised floor. Well, long story short, we started moving the servers over and pulling up tiles to run the cables for them and behold we found a 12-pack and a half frozen pizza. Apparently the some of the workers had decided during the construction to put some beer and food under the floor to keep it cold and forgot about it. :slight_smile: