RE: [WAY OT]: concern over public peering points [WAS: Peering po int speed publicly available?]

Not really a "WTF" on my part, but...

Many years ago I was hand tracing a cable in a data center due to the usual
lack of docs and ensuing spaghetti factory. Said cable went under the three
foot raised floor, so I dove in. I'd been going for a while and was getting
concerned that I'd accidentally gotten hold of the wrong cable, so I called
back to my co-worker to give it a tug. No response. I decided to come up
for air and try again. I had crawled under two equipment rows and into the
operator area and I can only imagine what that operator thought was
happening when I just popped up through the floor next to her. Judging by
the yelp and the look I got it was probably not good. Still gives me a
chuckle thinking about it.


In a job long ago, at a gov't facility that was non-military yet had a "secret" building...probably in 1993 give or take a year...

There was a lone Macintosh computer (not even a workstation) in an unsecured room of a secured building plugged into a small hub that was FOIRL'd (10BaseFL) out of the building, along an atrium, into the neighboring unsecured building. In a nondescript office of the unsecured building, the FOIRL was connected to Thinnet. The Thinnet snaked around the office, behind desks, etc., to a small 10BaseT hub which went into the wall (as Cat V). At the other end was a Cabletron hub I was managing for the Campus-wide Network.

FOIRL was used because, being fiber and not EMF radiating copper, it was secure enough for the secured building. At least according to the facility security officer. I suppose that the thinnet was used because they couldn't find a FOIRL to 10BaseT repeater.