RE: WANTED: ISPs with DDoS defense solutions

>However, I would like to see Java or Other Language to run on the
>(I know you can install and play Quake on one vendor�s
boxes) but I mean
>to do things really belonging to the router but so far I
have yet to see
a vendor
>to take programmable boxen (outside their own development) seriously.

>Maybe it�s just too hard.

It's not hard at all technically. The hard part is that
manufacturers do
not want to have to provide support for such flexible boxes
when they have
such a hard time just dealing with the complexity of existing general
purpose routers. Current routers are trying to be all things to all


although not available for the ip routing stuff, IOS possesess a tcl interpreter and you can deploy virtually anything for voice purposes. you can program your own signalling, voice call processing, interaction with external systems... just bring your fantasy, and some level of tcl skills, too :slight_smile:

and it *is* supported