RE: Vulnerbilities of Interconnection

I know that the capacity throughout the network I was working on
at the time was designed to handle peak loads with a comfortable
margin, and I would surmise that that is the case on many, if not
most networks. It seems obvious that the scope of the analysis of
this issue must include datacenters and servers, not only the net.

Other than the electrical power issue in NYC, I don't recall any
loss of communications on 9/11/2001 that related directly to the

We where providing emergency transit services to operators in Europe
during that day who lost parts or all of their transatlantic services. At
the same time people where obviously relaying on the net for information
(or we wouldn't have seen the congestions) but the net failed to deliver
(congestions at the servers). So, perhaps it's time to start re-thinking
what we did - to some extent I think that we already have.

- kurtis -