RE: virus or hacked?

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->| Chris Todd
->| Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 12:33 PM
->| To: ''
->| Subject: virus or hacked?
->| Good morning:
->| I was wondering if anyone has seen this message on a win2k server
->| and
->| might be able to help me
->| Message from destroyer to you on 8/19/2003 11:24:53pm
->| Make this your last pop-up ever Destroy all these pop-up for a
->fraction of
->| the price of our competitors!!!
->| go to www.
->| This is all in a plain windows box(gray box with an ok button at the
->| bottom
->| and the X is the upper right corner)
->This is a standard Windows messenger (not MSN messenger) spam. If you
->don't use the Windows messenger service, disable the "messenger"
->service. SPAM will stop.

If you have this showing up on a server that is behind a firewall, you
may have a MUCH bigger problem. The access to the messenger service
requires access to a specific port, and this problem normally only manifests
itslef when the server/workstation is plugged directly into an internet pipe
with a real world IP on one of it's network cards!!!!!

If you are not behind a firewall/router of even the linksys family, shame on you.
If you are behind a firewall... Oh boy, better look for some security problems!!!!