RE: virus or hacked?

How catty. We all start somewhere, or have you forgotten?

Gruss + Cheers,
Cade Kelly
System/Network Administrator
ECONnergy Co. Inc
Spring Valley, NY

You *do* have to admit it's an unusual combination of skills to:

a) have enough clue to get subscribed to NANOG-post
b) not be able to identify Windows Messenger spam....


Most of us start at google.

I dunno about that...I know when I first saw the Messenger spam on my
wife's Win 2k box, I didn't know what it was, probably because I'm not a
Windows user myself. It also boggled my mind that MS would leave that on
by default. It still does, come to think of it...

James Smallacombe PlantageNet, Inc. CEO and Janitor

How catty. We all start somewhere, or have you forgotten?

not only that, but we all start in exactly the
same place -- with zero knowledge. there was a
day when even X didn't know Y, for all X and Y.


Oh.... I don't know.

  Many here do a pretty good impression
of that unique combination of skills
prior to that first cup of coffee....


Is anyone out there tracking down some weird network behavior yesterday and
today? I'm not talking about ping traffic from the worm or anything like
that, I'm seeing TNT MAX boxes go unpingable, arp broadcast storms, one way
traffic blocks on T1's between cisco routers, stuff that I have not been
able to explain yet.

Just wondering if it's only me seeing this or if others are working on the
same sorts of issues.

I heard a rumor that ICG was also experiencing some strange network problems
so I figured it was time to post.