RE: UseNet Feeds...(OT?)

I don't really think that a free peering session seems like a 'sales job'
and I don't agree that the original use/protocol of the internet would be
off topic.

As for Satellite feeds... Show me a feed provider who's satellite pushes
more than 45mb/s which is now only 60% of a full feed. Yesterday a full feed
from our system would have filled up 1.046TB of disk space, a whole lot more
than 200gB. This is a growing issue on most networks, at 73mb/s just for the
feed not including any reading traffic.

One of our customers receives over 800mb/s 24/7 just in NNTP reader
traffic... And that's not the largest I have heard of out there. I think
Verizon and RR are 2 of the larger one.

I don't really think that a free peering session...

"free" was omitted from the first post. I apologize for the confusion and