RE: US Extradition rights (was Re: Spamhaus Exposed)

->Joshua Brady wrote:
->> The "Child" you speak of caused destruction over a network, the same
->> applied for the 2 hackers here who were sent over without even
->> questioning the UK. If the US Government is Satan then I
->suppose I am
->> going to hell, because I sure as hell support it.
->Do you support the converse, where some little s*** hacks my
->London network
->from some random US college ? At the moment, I have no
->recourse of any kind
->and the UK authorities have no power, and as a consequence,
->no interest.

The world is full of Attorneys..
And I bet you could find a nice one in the states to sue him..
Or report it to the FBI..

US authorities had no ability to hand those hackers in Taiwan, so
what did someone do? they contacted the Taiwan Gov't...

Can you do that?