Re:Updated Ookla Speedtest Server Requirements

We have done lots of 1Gbit testing in last months while improving our
own speed tester for 1Gbit. We found very inaccurate on
1Gbit (especially in IE)

If anyone is interested in our test results feel free to have a look here>

Our test setup was - We spawned 2x 1Gbit network instances on Amazon
EC2 and measured throughput between them.

We found DSLReports being much more accurate, on top of being HTML5
based. Of course we are very biased because we offer speed test as
well, but I hope it prompts someone to verify if results from Ookla on
1Gbit connections are what they expect.


The is flash based. Many computers struggle to measure 1g> speed and not because the network is slow. I think you will find it very> hard to get a 10g measure.
If you like us just want to be sure your 1g users get 1g even when other> users are running parallel tests, you do not need to worry too much about> the server. It needs a 10g NIC but it does not need to perform more than 2g>if even that. You will simply not have that many parallel tests running at> any given time.


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Esteemed Legions of NANOG:

Does anyone have better and more modern recommendations for the hardware of
an Ookla speedtest server?

Here is the link to their recommendations.

I want a server that is capable of handlilng a speedtest up to 10Gbps. I
plan to do this with an SFP+ port when my network comes along. (As soon as
MikroTik comes out with a decent 10G CCR router that is compatible with

In the mean time I will just test 1 Gbps speeds off a copper GE port, but
want the SFP+ capability so I don't have to repurchase hardware in the next



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