Re:Update for noc .nl problem..

I'm curious - how many ISPs hold to this kind of policy of being tight-lipped
until subpoenaed?

Personally, I'm kind of glad to see this response from @home. I know I would
want to see an ISP I used do the same thing if confronted by The Law. Maybe
that's just the Bill of Rights lover in me.

Having said that, it sucks that they're forcing you to get the lawyers and the
cops involved. I'd often prefer to see things handled on an informal basis of
professional courtesy. Especially when real damage is done such as in your case.

-carl hirsch
network analyst
sargent & lundy llc

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We won't release information but, we certainly will freeze log files and
perhaps even thump the customer on the head with the "Bright Platinum
Baseball Bat of Truth" until the subpoena does arrive.

I would have been fully happy with that, while I never expected a "here is
all the info" But a simple, "Well keeps log files untill it arrives" etc...

Instead of a, you'll have to subpeona us for that information Thanks you
for calling @home *click*

Quoting John Fraizer <nanog@Overkill.EnterZone.Net>:

We follow the same policy of not handing out client information without a legally binding document requiring us to do so.

However, we do use our AUP to prevent further access if we have sufficient -evidence- of a violation. A severe violation may result in access being removed first while we conduct an internal investigation to determine the extent of the violation that took place.

Providing client information is only useful for civil or criminal charges. What the individual under attack needs is access revoked and, for that need, we respond immediately.

I don't know, it seems kind of sad that instead of handling this like we used
to back in the day (call the kid up and tell him to cut it out or we'll tell his
parents), we now have to go straight to the court system and put people in jail.

Not sure how that protects their civil rights.

They wouldn't even consider that.. They said email and wait for
a response... Which is all good for spam, etc.. but something like what happened
to us.. a 24 hour response could be too much..

Quoting J Bacher <>:

And so, in order to be assured that things are actually being taken care of,
I must either take your word for it, or drag everybody into court.

Whatever; if you enjoy being in court that much, so be it.

Of course, when it's one of mine hacking your network, you better hope I don't
act the same way; otherwise a 15 minute problem turns into a multi-month one.

Wow; despite the lengthy discussion in which I've posted at least two
messages talking about another possible reason, you've gotten this far
in the thread without realizing there was more than one possible reason?

This reminds me of the old joke about how you tell something to a blonde
with two black eyes. I've already tried to tell you twice, a third time
would just waste my time and annoy the pig.