RE: U.S. officials deny technical takedown of WikiLeaks

To all uniformed dudes reading this: if you don't want the people you
serve to feel like shooting you, perhaps you should consider going on
strike, immediately stopping enforcing any and all man-made laws that go
against the natural law of Universe, against common sense and against
basic humanity; immediately stopping following any and all orders
telling you to do things that are morally wrong, and finally, switching
over to our side, helping defend America and the American People against

In the timeless words of The Internationale:

  No more deluded by reaction,
  On tyrants only we'll make war;
  The soldiers too will take strike action,
  They'll break ranks and fight no more!
  And if those cannibals keep trying
  To sacrifice us to their pride,
  They soon will hear the bullets flying:
  We'll shoot the generals on our own side!


Hold the Heathen Hammer High!
With a battle cry!
For the pagan past I live
and one day will die.

Pretty much, I no longer care what you wrote. Go away. Seriously. Just GO AWAY. Alt.politics is -->> thataway.