RE: and other impatient Postfix mailers everyw here (fwd)

From: Steven J. Sobol []
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 5:31 PM

> I never liked the idea of someone else, with an agenda that I'm sure
> doesn't coinside with mine, telling me who I should talk to
> or not. When
> the source code defaulted to using these "services" that's
> when I bailed on sendmail.

No one forces people to use the dnsbl feature, nor are they
forced to use
the default settings. dnsbl is turned off by default. Give me a break.

I can't believe I'm hearing the crap I'm hearing from people
who should know better.

Agreed. For the record, when I was still using sendmail, I had to build a
new on every install. The default, from Caldera, doesn't do RBL
by default, or a lot of anything else. I am now using MS-Exchange for
corporate groupware and am deploying Postfix for end-user usage. Since MAPS
is no longer freeware (a fact that I do NOT begrudge them), I will no longer
be using the RBL. It was of limited use anyway because, I have way too many
Earthlink based users and Earthlink seems to have taken up permanent
residency in the RBL <sigh>.