RE: Traffic engineering tools

If you don't want a GUI and the fancy what if scenarios, it is not difficult
to write
a Perl/Script that does constraint-based routing or Multi-commodity flow

I would guess 2-3 weeks if one is familiar with basic linear programming.


If I had a dime for everytime someone claimed that a piece of software
offering such-and-such functionality could be written in X time
period (where X is a few hours to a month)....

When you have your hypothetical software written, please let me know. I'd
love to check it out.

Patrick Greenwell
                 "This is our time. It will not come again."

Actually that time estimate is pretty accurate. When I was at Cascade,
I put together a program that did this in about a month. The program
was written in C++, with tcl used for command line entry, and SQL hooks
for accessing the Cascade topology database. If I took out the SQL hooks,
2-3 weeks would have been spot on.

In addition to doing traffic engineering analysis (including various
failure and reroute scenarios that modeled Cascade's circuit routing
algorithms), the program automatically populated its initial topology
with a SQL database from an actual network. A modification to translating
this to asymmetric IP flows would have been straightforward.

And no, I didn't take the code with me to my current company.


Patrick Greenwell wrote: