RE: Top-50 Report

@ There is no question that more people are needing more reliable
@ connections to the net. With some education, tools, and the right
@ pricing models, people can be encouraged to get backup connectivity in
@ a manner that doesn't impact the size of the routing table.
@ Specifically, they should not announce any routes on their backup
@ connection unless their primary is down. ISPs should provide
@ good prices on backups connections (ie, connections that almost
@ never get any traffic). Contrast this to some ISPs which say you
@ pay for your connection whether you use it or not. This causes the
@ customer to want to load balance (and announce all routes all the
@ time).
@ > This is a trend (multi-homing) which will not only continue, but will definitely accelerate.

Being multi-homed was one of the hurdles placed in the road
to prevent small ISPs from being able to obtain Provider Independent
IP addresses.

ISPs understand the value of PI addresses better than the merits
of being multi-homed and the various ways to configure multi-homed

I do not think that you can encourage ISPs to spend the money to
multi-home partly to "qualify" for PI addresses, and then not expect
the ISP to use that connection.