RE: Top-50 Report

From: Brett D. Watson[]
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 1996 11:12 AM

this is what i was getting at in my note a week ago or so. it
appears that many more networks are being announced by 2+ as's. so
i'm assuming we're sort of doomed to poor aggregation as more and
more people dual-home to providers.

This is a trend (multi-homing) which will not only continue, but will definitely accelerate.

In article <>,

ISPs should provide
good prices on backups connections (ie, connections that almost
never get any traffic).

And then when they do get traffic they'll be overloaded. Either
overloaded because the backup provider has no way to budget for your
needs, or because you and a hundred other people are using them for
backup. Personally I wouldn't trust "backup" lines that I'm not using
regularly. Who knows if they'll even be working when I need them.

If there were an analysis of the dual-home pairings we might find
that only a handful (say 8) of pairings have significant numbers of
dual-homed customers. I.e. suppose that MCI/UUNET is the most common
dualhoming pair, then a jointly allocated block could be divided amongst
their dual-homed customers. Not perfect by far, but something worth