RE: TNT issues "workaround"

In response to this, I'd like to comment on Lucent's excellent response
to this issue. Never before have I seen such an effective application
of hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, and speak-no-evil. While other vendors
were wasting our time sending out notifications of bugs /
vulnerabilities with workarounds / fixes, Lucent's response was much
more efficient and eloquent.

Here is a summary of the responses I've received over several days phone
calls, calling for my current employer who does not have a service
contract, and one for one of my consulting customers who does have a
service contract.

If you have a service contract, I'm allowed to tell you we aren't aware
of any issues. If you don't have a service contract, I'm allowed to
sell you a service contract.

On that note, I might have some TNT's for sale pretty soon.


We've gotten pretty much the same response. Disabling route cache seems
to keep cards from reloading every couple hours, but now most users are
reporting problems reaching some/all sites. My only guess is that these folk
are infected, and the virus is clogging up their dialup connection. Seems
there is a noticeable traffic drop off that coincides with this problem.


We had a slightly different twist on ours - "There is a known issue, and
it can be fixed with a configuration change. For $20K we will tell you
what it is". That kind of support demands repeat business. I certainly
understand the value of a support contract and generally believe in them.
I would have expected more common curtesy after the millions we had spent
on these products though.

At any rate, we applied the greatly appreciate filters supplied on this
list and we also determined that we only had issues with certain TNTs,
ones with the 4-port Ethernet card. We replaced these cards with the
5-port cards, and all of the issues with away.