RE: time for a new list?

I don't believe that a ceiling on number of posts is a solution at all.
When an issue occurs that requires, or at least RATES discussion, it would
stifle effective communication. I disagree with taking all issues offline
to private email as well. While I can see where it would dramatically
decrease the number of messages on the list of we did so and then submitted
one email with "notes" of the discussion, it will also stifle
communication. Not everyone is going to pipe when they see the first or
even third email on a subject. Suggestions and opinions often require some
thought after reading through the thread and though some might think of the
thread as idle chatter over some issue they have no interest in, others
find it interesting and even educational.

I think it's fine just like it is. All the chatter lets me know the style
of folks that are involved in the other discussions. If it gets to be too
much, I can always hold down the d key (delete in pine). If it gets like
the .to discussion, merit can issue notices and shut us all up...