RE: Tiers and other sales speak

These guys seem to be trying to leverage the MAE "brand"
  for their own benefit, while trying to trash the existing
  MAEs at the same time for their own good.

  They sell transit. They buy from the people that they
  show as being present at their "MAE." I suspect that you
  can indeed inter-connect with other entities at their
  facilities-- through their /layer three routers./

  This page has to be the most humorous:

  ...with this bit about their constraint-based BGP-4 being my

    "Advanced Border Gateway Protocol (BGP-4) directs traffic
     from its point of origin to the core class router of the
     least congested backbone, bypassing the congested public
     peering points and virtually eliminating latency and
     packet loss.

  I can't wait for the "White Papers" link to become active.

  I'm guessing they didn't get permission to use the MAE
  acronym, [which presumably is trademarked] or the likeness
  of Dulles Airport in their logo.

  When they spoke of the "new generation," did they mention
  generation d?

- jsb

I'm gessing either generation d or generation e.

d = defendant

e = erronious