RE: The Mother of all Solutions (Was Class B for Sale or Rent)

@ Emilio Bugatti (sp?), at the time the maker of the finest cars in the world,
@ was asked why the brakes on his cars were not as good as they might be. He
@ replied "Any fool can make a car stop. It takes a genius to make a car go."
@ I suggest we focus on the latter.

After the Top Level Domain debates, someone sent me
private mail saying that if General Motors had invented
and released the Internet, the public would currently be
in every court in the land claiming that GM intentionally
forgot to design in the brakes....

I see that you confirm that what some people see as
a flaw, you view as a feature...Thanks...:wink:

P.S. Business people may look at this an conclude
that there is a huge market for retrofit brakes...