RE: the Internet Backbone

From: David Miller[]

I think our US -centrism is showing here guys:)

Perhaps there needs to be a "Global Service Provider" or "Tier/Level 0"
designation for those with International 'backbone circuits' and routers at
meet points in other countries??

I think we just need to recognize that there are Tier 1 providers in other
countries. Maybe we should replace the term "national" with
"broad geographic regions encompassing a signficant percentage of a
continent". Then providers like EUNet would qualify as Tier 1 providers
although, like MCI, they also provide Tier 3 ISP services.

If Sprint, MCI, ANS, Alternet/UUNET, PSI and AGIS/Net99 are the Tier 1
providers in North America, what networks would qualify as Tier 1in Europe
and the Asia-Pacific region?

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Since you mention us, we are obviously not a National Service Provider.
Maybe International Service Provider ... darn, acronym collision. :slight_smile:

how 'bout GSP (Geo Semi-encompassing Provider - oops Global Service