[Re: the cost of carrying routes]

i have related question to ron's (a bit hypothetical but interesting

if isps charged for bgp announcements, would the number of announcements
that shouldn't be made (e.g., those due to configuration errors and poor
operational practices) go down?

  -- ratul

they could probably make some good money if they also charged for 'leaky'
networks - however, i think the sentiment amongst their customers would
not be favorable (you charge for misconfigurations? some nerve you have)
it is probably one of those long term goals that you will almost never be
able to convince the powers-that-be of undertaking. i know i am having
a very difficult time convincing management that our network needs some
help - although after several recent, fairly successful attacks, they are
starting to listen.



> Some ISPs charge for actual bits carried (peak usage, actual count,
> whatever) in addition to or instead of per port/circuit charges.
> Do any ISPs charge based on the number of announcements a customer
> advertises?
> If downstream advertisements became mainly smaller prefixes (say /24)
> that were not aggregatable by you as their upstream ISP, would you
> answer the above question differently?
> -ron

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