RE: TCP-ACK vulnerability (was RE: SSH on the router)

Alexei Roudnev wrote:
Even if I (if been a hacker) scan your networks and find
this switch (and you did not moved it out of routable P),
I will have not any idea, what is it about, where this
switch is, and have not any reason to break it...

You (being a hacker) need a _reason_ to break into something? Where does
this come from?


I saw a few hackers (in sniffers, computers and personally), but I never saw
anyone doing some hack without the reasons.
Usually, if you do not see a reason, it is _your_ misunderstanding.

Of course, reason can be as simple as _I have MS_ or as complicated as _here
is my girlfriend, and if this system went down, she will be released
earlier_ -:slight_smile: /most common reason was, yep, _getting IRC control_).

This allows to subtract (1) from severity , for this particular case.