RE: Systemic problems at Verizon

Steve Sobol <>

I've never, ever had trouble with Ameritech ISDN,

ISDN, now there's a technology that NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/Verizon
has never been able to get right in the Northeast. Never, never,
never, never, never. there are rumors of working ISDN in some
major metro areas like Boston, but properly functioning ISDN
elsewhere in the old NYNEX footprint is just a joke.


whoa. my experience is completely the oposite. (in BA/verizon
country, in pittsburgh PA.)

i love my dedicated ISDN clients! we have about 15 or so still left,
and their connections are rock solid! in my 3 years of managing the
dedicated access customers, i've probably dealt with less than 10
instances of real trouble with those lines. (ie: not solved by
resynching the isdn routers, but requiring calling in a bell tech.)

well, except for when we switched a few ISDN customers to adelphia...

deeann m.m. mikula
director of operations

telerama public access internet

Here at ShaysNet (Greenfield, MA) our experience matches Richard
Welty's. NYNEX/BA/Verizon can't get ISDN working properly. Hell, last
month they managed to screw up 8 PRIs into UMass/Amherst from a 5ESS
switch on Fearing St. four blocks away. Seems the Lowell Switch
Operations Group performed a load of new code for the switch in the
middle of the day without informing any co staff. I heard that co techs
were telling digital techs that their test gear _had_ to be defective.
Yeah, right.

  On this subject, how common is it for an ILEC to have one group
modifying a switch load without informimg the co techs? Does this happen
all the time? Don't they have _any_ monitoring capability?

          David Leonard