RE: Systemic problems at Verizon

Verizon is continuing to have network problems.


Are things as bad in Verizon country as they got in Ameritech country?
Eventually the various state PUC's had to intervene in Ameritech's
service problems.

it would seem to vary depending on the ILEC/RBOC ancestry of various
parts of Verizon. the old NYNEX (New York/New England) is bloody awful;
the old Bell Atlantic (mid Atlantic) perhaps not so bad, and some of
the old GTE-owned ILECs were not good at all.

it takes a very long time for an old ILEC to change, and i'd expect
that tens or hundreds of mergers can take place without changing the
behavior of the old line staff out in the field much at all.


Also sprach Richard Welty

As far as mergers are concerned, it helps to remember that if you combine
a pound of crap and a pound of honey, only thing you'll get is 2 pounds of