RE: Strange public traceroutes return private RFC1918 addresses

A more important question is what will happen as we move out
of the 1500 byte Ethernet world into the jumbo gigE world. It's
only a matter of time before end users will be running gigE
networks and want to use jumbo MTUs on their Internet links.

The performance gain achieved by using jumbo frames outside of very
specific LAN scenarios is highly questionable,

Did I say anything about performance? In any case, a lot of packets
on the Internet have to traverse LANs at either edge and if jumbo
packets can help on the LAN then people will use them.

and they're still not standardized.

Precisely my point. We can do jumbo MTUs of various sizes today
but we need to discuss some standard ways of setting these MTUs
so that we avoid MTU bottlenecks in the core. That way PMTUD
will continue to be a non-issue.

Are "jumbo" Internet MTUs seen as a pressing issue by
ISPs and vendors these days?

Some people like to do forward planning instead of waiting
until an issue hits them in the face. By definition, forward
planning will never be dealing with pressing issues.

--Michael Dillon