RE: standards for giving out blocks of IP addresses

VERY true...

Many a times the closing during a contract will be the reminder to the
salesperson, "So, you know we still need those 4 /24s right, as we discussed
when we first met?"

Then a phone a call is made and some words exchanged and the answer is, "My
boss says he can do that for you, but he needs the contract back today to
reserve them."


...and then the install engineer finds out that the customer only has ~50
or so hosts, and tells the customer that all they qualify for is one /25.
Hijinks ensue.

I would personally tar and feather any sales rep who promises a certain
amount of IP space to a customer without knowledgee of the customer's
actual IP needs and current utilization. PSI was famous for handing out
/24s from their space willy-nilly, and I've had more than one
conversation with a "refugee" customer who says "but...but...PSI gave me a

in short, my view is that IP allocations to customers should NEVER be a
marketing/sales decision.


I think they must have gotten the message, because I know a PSI customer
that was using close to a /27 when they went with them, and that's just
what they got, from 38/8...

James Smallacombe PlantageNet, Inc. CEO and Janitor