RE: Sprint Peering Requirements? WAS More network problems (fwd)

@Recently, Paul Vixie wrote...
@> > P.S. what is the deal with the Santa Clara POP anyway? I've seen gas
@> > main explosions, circuits cut by a blowtorch (gee? maybe they're related),
@> > "missing" fiber, "lost" circuits, and other shenangans.
@> The story may be growing with the telling, but I was told that a gas main
@> ruptured, with or without a small explosion (depends on who you ask), and
@> the fire marshall came in, smelled natural fumes all over, and ordered that
@> power be cut to the surrounding buildings, presumably to prevent explosions
@> due to sparks and such. WilTel ultimately brought in a portable generator
@> and put this wonderful new spark generator out in the parking lot, closer
@> to the natural gas fumes than anything inside the building would have been.
@I'd kinda hoped the issue would die down, but since it won't, I guess
@I'll actually speak up.
@I was driving to work, running a bit late at around 11:10 am, and turned
@west on Walsh Avenue from San Tomas. I pulled into the left turn lane
@leading into the business park, and noticed the driveway was blocked
@with orange cones and a backhoe digging. A woman in a dark, Pennsylvania
@green lincoln towncar pulled up into the left turn lane behind me. When
@the left turn arrow turned green, I made a u-turn on Walsh, and entered
@the business park via a secondary driveway closer to San Tomas. I glanced
@in my rear-view mirror, and saw that the woman in the green car was
@stopped midway through the intersection, blocking oncoming traffic,
@waiting for the construction crew to move the cones to let her into
@the parking lot via that driveway; I guess she figured the earth
@rotated around her, so why shouldn't everyone else change to fit?\

So the moral of this story is that we all have to beware of people that
drive Lincoln Town cars...making accomodations to them could cause
the Internet to crash and burn...this is especially true if they have an
out of state license...:slight_smile:

I think that this criteria could be added to the IP Address Allocation
and Domain Name policies...I can just see the RFC..."individuals that
drive Lincoln Town cars will not be considered as qualified or able to
become an ISP....only people with Berkinstocks and Bicycles will be
considered for a /8 as long as you have $10 million in venture capital"...

Just kidding...everyone should have equal access to Internet resources...
although an official at the NSF told me that he did not think this was a goal,
a given, or even a good thing...

Jim Fleming
UNETY Systems, Inc.
Naperville, IL 60563