RE: Speedtest site accuracy [was: Bandwidth issues in the Sprint network]

Incidentally, Sprint's speedtest site is here:

The page is hosted off Speakeasy?, but the file is stored on Sprint servers, per their respective geographic region.

I'd be interested to see the speedtest results of your OC3.

---- Frank Bulk - iNAME <> wrote:

I just ran a few test off that page. on the Download I get anywhere from
25-30Mbps and on the upload I seem to be getting 4-6Mbps one time when I
turned off the AV I spiked to 10Mbps, but was not able to duplicate that rate
after that. This site seems to be aimed at testing the sprint wireless
cards, and my not test higher speed circuits as well... but I'll see what the
Sprint engineers have to say. Thanks for the link.