Re: Spectrum (legacy TWC) Infrastructure - Contact Off List (Patrick Garner)

We have the same issue here in suburban Atlanta but with Comcast. The Comcast ped in my front yard has no cover… it’s exposed to the elements. There’s a bright orange cable running from there to my neighbor’s house, it’s been there for at least 3 years. At the least, it doesn’t touch my property. There’s other spots in my neighborhood where Comcast’s bright orange coax just runs on the ground, along the road, in the gutter. Not saying AT&T is the greatest but at the very least their peds(they are so old they still say Bellsouth) have covers and they come within 3 days of install to bury DSL lines. I don’t understand why Comcast has to choose the absolute ugliest bright orange cables to leave everywhere. If you’re going to leave it, at least use a black cable.

Yay duopoly!

I think the bright orange is so you don’t run over it with your lawn mower, especially since it’s going to be there for 3 years.

Orange is so you can a) see it and b) orange = telecom

Blue = clean water
Green = sewer
Yellow = gas
Red = high voltage