RE: [SOT Rant] Non-hostile probes / opt-in/out

>Maybe you should ping NS01.ARMY.MIL about 2400 times in 3 hour and see if
>you don't get a visit? Pinging a website 2 times means nothing..

How about 441 times in 2 hours? :slight_smile:

If I did, and they responded negatively, I would tell them YOU said it was
a good idea.

Seriously, why should the administrators of * care if I test
packet response time between our networks? Is this an illegal activity I
am unaware of?

    Good to see that you haven't lost your fire...

    However, I think the central question here is one of degree. Testing
latency, etc. is normal network maintenance kind of stuff. Flooding is Denial of
I don't know what the right answer is in terms of the boundary between the two,
obviously, I think we can agree that sending an occasional ping to
is a very different thing from sending a few thousand packets per second towards

someone unsolicited. If we can agree on that, then I will bow back out and
return you to the argument about exactly where to place the boundary.


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