RE: SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)

>According to Sean Doran:
> Someone suggested to me that it's because so much money has
> been spent on developing the technology that it HAS to be
> used in order to recover the investment.
>Doesn't the fact that they recover the investment mean that enough
>people wanted the product and were willing to pay for it?

Nah, rather that they woudln't get a choice or would not know
better. ATM is like a pyramid craze.

In this particular case, it has been (voraciously :)) pointed out that people
have other choices so I don't think that applies. As for "people not knowing better,"
I'm not even going to touch that one.


PS Can you say that loss writeoff is a way to recover investment?
   I've certainly seen some clever accounting going on :slight_smile:

True. Writeoffs and depreciation are a way to recover some of your costs. But
you still have to sell stuff to recover all of your investments. But, I'm
not an accountant so I don't know how far these things can be stretched.

If you have any good ideas, pass them on. April 15 is fast approaching.
Anyone got a router that I can use as a tax shelter? :wink: