RE: Smurfing and IP filtering

That would be a good starting point for the more sophisticated users however
most small networks have very uneven
clue distribution so I believe something in a FAQ format would be more
approachable to the small ISP/Network operator
and therefore more likely to be implemented even if they did not fully
understand the configuration. We also need to create documents which
explain what each of the configs do

...why not both?

Cover configuration for, say, the top 5 brands of routers (which,
realistically, should cover the majority of ISP's out there...)

There is RFC recommendation for the router.

Why there is not RFC describing the policy (mandatory!) for the ISP?

An RFC is a recommendation. A typical RFC usually ends up being a de-facto
standard, however it does not have the force of law.

Backbone operators have to start putting pressure on their downstreams to
fix their router configs. The downstreams have to put pressure on THEIR
downstreams, etc. The only way to get everyone to fix their routers is to
write clauses into contracts saying "if your network ends up being a smurf
amplifier, and we find that your routers are misconfigured, you will be
disconnected from the Net without any kind of refund or credit for your
downtime, and you will remain down until you fix things."

That, and education, will do the trick.