RE: [SMBManagedServices] RE: next hop packet loss

Get a load of this:

New version of Firefox works fine. Methinks Mozilla released a turd.

Works fine in Firefox for me, and always has (within the limits of the shoddily designed website that is). Nonetheless, I'd never buy anything from them since they are an anti-security organization. Their Web site uses so much gratuitous javascript crap and hard-coded assumptions about character cell sizes and pixel density that it is completely unuseable. I have no reason to believe that any other product they sell is any better designed -- if you can't create a web site that does not require increasing attack surface in order to use it, then I would assume that all their products work and are designed the same way, and that deployment of any of their products increases attack surface rather than decreasing it.

On the other hand they are probably four-colour-glossy-brochure and buzzword compliant. Then again I'm an curmudgeonly old fart that can't even spell dot Snot.